So Far

I haven’t posted anything in a while and it isn’t because I haven’t wanted too. My personal life has just been in shambles and I have been trying to repair it. There have issues in my marriage all my fault for the record but I am working to make my marriage happy again. Now I won’t be getting into specifics about what happened, especially since my wife would kill me. I feel like I can’t continue on with my own personal work if I can’t fix my marriage. I love my wife very much and will do whatever I need to do to make her happy. Since my last post I have slowly been repairing the damage I have done. We are getting to a better place now and I believe we are happier now then we were a few weeks back. We have been spending more time together and I am working hard everyday to be a better husband.

Now aside from my personal life I haven’t been working or really doing much these past few weeks for reasons stated above. Hopefully by the end of this week I will have something more lighthearted to post up. I will try and get some of my art posted up by the end of the week, just so I can have some real content on here.

Thank you to all the people that are following me I greatly appreciate it and I will work to not let anyone of you down.


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